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The SanshTech Story

An ambition drove its genesis. Ambition, which was to make difference through innovation!

Founded by a visionary techie couple – Sash and Anshu, who are the sceptres of SanshTech, the organisation saw its manifestation! With them, wisdom came walking in! They have a decade of exceptional experience in technology and management sectors with multinational companies. Their entrepreneurial vision to transform the existing abilities of tech services brought paradigmatic innovative changes. Their expertise with global clients and international projects bore sterling results.

We formed a team with likewise proficient global software engineers, website developers, mobile app developers, marketing strategists, social media managers and SEO optimizers. SanshTech established robust pillars over the plinth of its ethos! Ethos, which placed customer satisfaction as a priority. Our team is located globally and our experts are maestros of their own fields, aiming to innovate against all odds.

Creating difference is easier said, than done. At SanshTech, we got back to the drawing board to construe what actually makes sense of service. Finally our repertoire considered customer satisfaction at the core of all our efforts. We believe the 21st century customer who is intelligent, informed and ingenious, will and should not settle for the second best.

We thought of a story we wanted to see decades from now, today we are witnessing it getting brighter, bolder and bigger with each passing day.